Anaal Nathrakh - Passion [2011]


[Artist]: Anaal Nathrakh
[Album]: Passion
[Genre]: Black Metal / Brutal Death Metal
[Year]: 2011
[Country]: UK
[Bitrate]: MP3 320 kbps
[Size]: 82mb



1. volenti non fit iniuria (4:58)
2. drug-fucking abomination (07:27)
3. post traumatic stress euphoria (01:41)
4. le diabolique est l'ami du simplement mal (03:42)
5. locus of damnation (01:01)
6. tod huetet uebel (04:14)
7. paragon pariah (03:46)
8. who thinks of the executioner? (03:58)
9. ashes screaming silence (03:58)
10. portrait of the artist (01:20)

Anaal Nathrakh are typically described as black metal, despite eschewing the aesthetic of many black metal bands, such as dressing in a casual manner, as opposed to the corpsepaint and spiked leather clothing traditionally favoured by the black metal subculture. The band does not publish their lyrics.

Anaal Nathrakh, like many black metal bands, draw much inspiration from the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, exemplified by such song titles as "Human, All Too Fucking Human" and "Revaluation of All Values". All of Anaal Nathrakh's music is written, recorded and produced by Mick Kenney.

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