108 - 18.61 (2010)

[Artist]: 108
[Album]: 18.61
[Genre]: Punk / Hardcore / Soul
[Year]: 2010
[Country]: Boston, Japan, and the Universe beyond this one
United States
[Preview]: MySpace
[Bitrate]: VBR V2
[Size]: 35 mb


01. God Talk
02. Crescent Moon
03. 18.61
04. Reduced
05. Relentless Masters
06. Fallen Angel
07. Mannequins
08. Ashes/Dust
09. Forever is Destroyed
10. Early Funeral

The Saddest Landscape - You Will Not Survive (2010)

[Artist]: The Saddest Landscape 
You Will Not Survive
[Genre]: Screamo
[Year]: 2010
[Country]: Boston/NYC/NJ United States
[Size]: 51,2 mb



Declaring War On Nostalgia
Eternity Is Lost On The Dying
From All Of Those...
Imperfect But Ours
The Shadows I Call Home
So Lightly Thrown
Torn, Broken Beautiful 

The Saddest Landscape have reunited and have released their first LP in 7 years, and it's definitely something that deserves your attention. These guys were always one of the most passionate and emotionally intense bands in the genre, and this new release is new exception. They do everything that is expected out of screamo band perfectly, and then some. Twinkly guitars, crushingly devastating vocals, intense drumming, cohesive song structures, excellent lyrics, everything. Listen to this!