Dead To A Dying World - Dead To A Dying World (Self Titled) (2011)


[Artist]: Dead To A Dying World
[Album]: Dead To A Dying World (Self Titled)
[Genre]: Post-Metal / Epic Crust
[Year]: 2011
[Country]: USA
[Bitrate]: VBR 192-320 kbps
[Size]: 82,9 mb



Concrete And Steel
02. Stagnation
03. We Enter The Circle At Night... And Are Consumed By Fire

There is relatively little information out there currently about new-ish, thinking-man's metal group Dead To A Dying World. Considering the Dallas band began streaming its debut full-length earlier this week on Myspace that ought to change soon. Who wouldn't clamor to find out as much as possible about a band that can combine everything from neo-classical, black metal, crust punk, and doom in three songs that are epic as an assault on Mordor, free of gimmickry, and surprisingly refined? I don't know that I've ever heard metal like this, hell, music like this period come out of Dallas. And with the group's debut, double-LP produced by Kylesa's Phillip Cope, this has quickly become one of the fall's most anticipated releases. Give them a listen, and welcome Halloween.

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