Riding the Diplodoc - Dilettantes like Lions (2011)


[Artist]: Riding the Diplodoc
[Album]: Dilettantes like Lions
[Genre]: math-rock \ post-rock
[Year]: 2011
[Country]: Russia
[Preview]: http://vkontakte.ru/club14993779
[Bitrate]: MP3 320 kbps
[Size]: 57 mb



01. Intro
02. Everyone has a horse head
03. Good analogy is like a diagonal frog
04. Crunch!Punch!Fireball!
05. No Martini, no party
06. Across the glade
07. Thin Nose
08. And so i took it from Jafar
09. Outro

An excellent album from the boys from Russia. I think the fans of Antarctic and ASIWYFA should enjoy. Finally in Russia have learned to play math-rock!
+ Music is perfect for the spring mood

Mathematical design, dance music and nice post-rock tunes await you in this album. 

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