We Ride - Directions (2010)


[Artist]: We Ride
[Album]: Directions
[Genre]: Hardcore with female vocal
[Country]: Spain
[Preview]: http://www.myspace.com/weridehxc
[Bitrate]: MP3 320 kbps
[Size]: 49 mb



01. Outbreak
02. Falses Promises
03. Nothing Binds Me
04. My Life, My Dreams
05. Party Girls
06. Time To Shine
07. Us Against The World
08. Moments
09. No Matter How Strong You Are
10. A Call To Revolution
11. Young Heart
12. Epilogue

 Excellent team from Spain with a female vocal. Driving, powerful, and the deep.

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1 коммент.

  1. Мені подобається назва альбому і символічність обкладинки.
    Directions - that's what i need now...