VYGR - Hypersleep (2011)


[Artist]: VYGR
[Album]: Hypersleep
[Genre]: Atmospheric Post-Metal / Sludge
[Country]: USA
[Preview]: MySpace
[Bitrate]: VBR 145-225 kbps
[Size]: 87,1 mb



01. Solar
02. Flares
03. Orbital Hallucinations
04. Galactic Garbage
05. -
06. The Hidden
07. Shapeshifters
08. Unmoved Mover
09. Path to the Unknown
10. Event Horizon
11. We Drift
12. A Distant Beacon

Blending the drone and gloom of bands such as Cult of Luna, Swallow the Sun, and Neurosis with downtuned riffs reminiscent of Crowbar and Old Man Gloom, VYGR (pronounced ‘Voyager’) adds their own experimental, space-oriented sound to create a crushingly heavy soundtrack for altered states of mind.

As for me, this album is one of few best post-metal releases in 2011. So deep, so atmospheric, and ,of course, so metal :)

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